What type of renewable energy is best for the Cayman Islands?

We have analysed many different energy source options including solar, wind, thermal, and waste-to-energy. Currently, solar is the most viable renewable energy option for Grand Cayman. Large, utility-scale solar can make the biggest, swiftest gains in achieving National Energy Policy goals and will provide affordable, reliable and clean energy. Other renewable energy sources will play their part, to be certain!

What are the solar energy possibilities in Grand Cayman?

A Department of Environment survey indicated there are around 1,500 acres of undeveloped land across Grand Cayman that are not considered environmentally sensitive. We consider this sufficient space for solar farms to meet 100% of Grand Cayman’s existing energy requirements.

A mix of rooftop and utility scale solar will help provide consistent, reliable and affordable energy.

“CUC remains committed to promoting and developing renewable energy as a source of electricity generation and we believe that programmes such as CORE (Customer Owned Renewable Energy) and DER (Distributed Energy Resources) play an important role along with utility scale projects.”

Mr Sacha Tibbetts, Vice-President, Customer Services & Technology, CUC.

How will an increase in solar production impact customers’ bills?

Customers in Grand Cayman know that their electricity is produced via a mix of diesel engines and renewable energy. As the amount of electricity provided by renewable energy increases and the amount of energy produced by diesel decreases, the dollar value of these line items will change. As less fuel is used, fuel costs will decrease as renewable energy production increases. CUC’s goal is to seek best-cost options for renewable energy generation to ensure that the difference between the two billing line items will lead to an overall decrease in cost and an increase in price stability for customers.

Description Quantity Rate Charge
Facilities Charge $6.13
Energy Charge kWh 1,084 $0.1235 $133.87
Fuel Cost 1,084 $0.180597 $195.77
Govt. Fuel Duty 1,084 $0.013443 $14.57
Renewable Energy 1,084 $0.007420 $8.04
Lic. & Reg. Fees 84  $0.0051 $0.43

* Residential Energy Charge rate effective January 1, 2023. All other line items reflect the average monthly rate for 2022.

We are ready to proceed with increased renewable energy on the grid, using rooftop and utility-scale solar.