How will an increase in solar production impact customers’ bills?

Customers in Grand Cayman know that their electricity is produced via a mix of diesel engines and renewable energy.  As the amount of electricity provided by renewable energy increases and the amount of energy produced by diesel decreases, the dollar value of these line items will be adjusted.  Fuel costs will decrease as renewable energy production increases. Our goal is to ensure that the difference between the two line items will lead to an overall decrease in cost and an increase in price stability for customers. 

Description Quantity Rate Charge
Facilities Charge $5.82
Energy Charge kWh 358 $0.1185 $42.42
Lic. & Reg. Fees kWh $.00
Govt. Fuel Duty 358 $0.013352 $4.78
Fuel Cost 358 $0.207345 $74.23
Renewable Energy kWh 358 $0.007157 $2.56

We are ready to proceed with increased renewable energy on the grid, using rooftop and utility-scale solar.